Reviews for Rand McNally Tablet 720

Rand McNally table 720

Reviews for Rand McNally Tablet 720

In the era of technology, the GPS device has simplified lives and made driving more fun and easy. GPS devices have now become an important part of day-to-day life. With its increasing demand, the producers of GPS devices have also increased massively. There are many producers offering cutting-edge navigation devices. Among various producers, Rand McNally is a popular brand providing a versatile range of sat nav devices. Its innovative, reliable, and user-friendly devices are famous among users. From truck drivers to aviation, golf players to marine users, Rand McNally has it for all. In the list of Rand McNally devices, Tablet 720 is a highly sold GPS device. To get an insight into this device, you need to go through with the information provided below. 

Rand McNally Tablet 720 Description

This Rand McNally GPS device features a 7-inch screen with 640×480 pixels of resolution that makes it quite easy for the users to read even in the bright daylight or in dark. Added to this, its screen is covered with tough glass that helps the device to deal with rough conditions of the truck. Also, on purchasing this device, you will get no-cost lifetime map updates. It offers easy connectivity with the help of USB cable and WiFi. For USB connectivity, you will get the cable along with the product. This device is designed with a lithium-ion battery which can be easily charged with the provided charger. To make this product sturdy and secure for every truck, it is designed with a suction cup with an adjustable arm feature. Along with this, this device comes with a 1-year warranty

Unique Rand McNally Tablet 720 Features

Rand McNally Tablet 720 is designed with premium features that make this product best for truck driving. The following are some of its features that helps you in making your purchase decision.

➣ Enhanced Truck Navigation

Various routing options are now added in this device that makes it much easier to reach the destination. It contains 35% additions routing information for the trucks.  

➣ Audio Navigation

TND 720 GPS device features the audio instructions with its speakers at the back. This helps the driver to get the routing information easily by listening to it. However, to attach additional speakers to your device for better sound this device is provided with a rear port at its back.

➣ Lifetime Maps At No-Cost

Rand McNally Tablet 720 provides lifetime maps that are available for free. Your maps will get updated on a yearly basis without paying additional charges. 

➣ Easy Access to Various Information

Using this device you can easily track your purchases and your fuel use. Along with this, you can get several other information on its dashboard like the distance you have traveled, get construction alerts, warning messages, and much more. Along with this, the Rand McNally website also provides information such as weather updates, truck shops, various restaurants, and other stoppage locations. 

➣ Easy Connectivity

TND 720 is provided with easy WiFi connectivity. You can easily connect with Apple or Android device hotspot. Along with this, the TND device has various USB ports for easy wired connectivity. 

➣ Other Features
  • Mileage Logs
  • Driving Timers
  • Easy Route Comparison
  • Exit View and Information
  • Tons of Point Of Interest
  • Video-Input
  • Tools for recording path you have traveled
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