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How to do Rand McNally TND 730 Update?

Rand McNally TND 730

 How to do Rand McNally TND 730 Update?

Specifications of Rand McNally TND 730

TND 730 is a truck GPS device that has enhanced features such as a fast processor for quicker router calculation, pre-installed maps etc. The devices optimize your route by giving you advanced information about the stops, traffic, forecast weather conditions, and much more. Further, it records and displays the paths you have traveled to date and also calculates the mileage between any two cities. 

Prerequisites for TND 730 Update

  1. You must install the Rand McNally Dock software before beginning the update process. While installing the Dock, assure that your operating system is compatible with it. 
  2. You need a USB cable to connect your device with the Computer/Laptop. The cable should not be defective. 
  3. The TND 730 device should be powered on. Also, it should be well-charged to avoid interruptions while installing the updates. 
  4. Your GPS device must be registered with the Dock software. 
  5. The system on which you are opening the Dock software must be within the range of your Wifi. The software needs a good-quality internet for installing the updates. 
  6. The USB port of your computer must be working. Otherwise, the software will not be able to search for your GPS device and hence can’t detect it. 

Steps for updating TND 730 GPS Device by using Rand McNally Dock

  1. The first and foremost step is to turn on both the devices i.e computer and TND 730. The power light of your GPS device should be lit. 
  2. Now, locate the USB ports on your computer and device. Pick a USB cable which is generally provided to you when you have purchased the GPS device. Insert the cable into the required ports. 
  3. If your TND 730 device is well-connected with the computer, the Rand McNally home screen will automatically come up on your screen. If it shows you that “Rand McNally Dock is Initializing”, wait for a few seconds to open the home screen.  
  4. Here you will see sections of Update Available, Map Update Available, Settings and Maintenance, etc. If you just want to install the latest maps, select the Map Update Available option. But if you are interested in installing the software updates also, select the Update Available option. 
  5. Thereafter, the screen shows the “Initializing” status and starts searching for the updates. Soon, it will show you all the updates with the details. Here you can see the approximated time for downloading the updates, the exact number of files, and space required.
  6. To initiate the download process, you are expected to click on the mentioned green right-arrow icon. While downloading the files, your GPS device must be connected with the computer.
  7. When all the maps and software files are downloaded, you have to install them. So hit the Install Update icon and the Rand McNally Dock will begin transferring the files. 
  8. When done, you can disconnect your GPS device by removing the cable. Now, you can explore your favorite places by following the maps on the GPS device. 

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