Solved | Rand McNally Dock Not Working Problem

Rand McNally Dock Not Working

Solved | Rand McNally Dock Not Working Problem

In today’s world of tech-savvy generation, most people use GPS Devices for simplifying their lives. As GPS technology has evolved into an essential part of the modern-day lifestyle. Hence, a vast number of technology service providers offer this innovative technology in the form of cutting-edge devices. One such location technology specialist is Rand McNally that offers state-of-the-art products. In order to efficiently manage these sophisticated gadgets, it offers a holistic management hub by the name Rand McNally Dock. This user-centric software application is designed to give complete control to its users. However, its most important function is to keep the GPS Device up-to-date with the latest software and maps. Although, this intuitive Utility Application is easy to deploy and use. Still, at times, users encounter Rand McNally Dock Not Working Problems. 

What is Rand McNally Dock Not Working Problem?

At times, users face issues with Rand McNally Dock when they try to perform various functions like Rand McNally GPS Update etc. The application either fails to load, freezes or simply crashes. Therefore, it is extremely important to fix this issue instantly to assure proper functioning of the software and your GPS Device. But, before that, you must understand the reasons responsible for it. 

Things That Can Lead To This Issue

There are various reasons behind the Rand McNally Dock Not Working Problem. Yet, some of the most common causes are listed below.

  • Internet Connection Problem
  • Operating System Issues
  • Improper Setup of Rand McNally Dock
  • Registry Errors
  • Virus Issues
  • DLL Damage
  • Fragmented Files
  • Hardware or RAM
  • Redundant Program Installation

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix this Problem

Once you have identified the root cause behind this issue, choose the troubleshooting steps accordingly. 

➣ Restart Computer

Restarting your Computer is one of the simplest things that can fix a number of technical issues. It simply restores the Settings of your Computer and resolves most problems.

➣ Restore Your Internet Network

Problems with the Internet Network is a common reason that leads to the Rand McNally Dock Not Working Problem. Hence, restoring the same and fixing such issues is important. To begin with, Power Cycle the Router and Modem. Along with that, bypass any physical obstacle between the Router and your Computer. Now, check for the Network Settings on your System. Make sure the WiFi button is On. Also, check the Cables including the LAN Cables for improper connection or physical damage. If required, replacing the damaged cables will help. Get rid of Browser’s Internet History, Cache and Cookies. In addition to that, use diagnostic tools to restore the Network. If nothing else works, try to use a different Network and/ or Computer. 

➣ Reinstall Rand McNally Dock

Apart from the Network, inaccurate deployment of this user-friendly Application also leads to this issue. As such, uninstall the existing software. Then, properly reinstall it again. For this, simply download an updated version of Dock from official website of Rand McNally

➣ Update Your Computer’s OS

In addition to other things, properly update the OS of your Computer. Most of the time, outdated OS interrupts the functioning of installed software. As such, updating them is the best solution.

➣ Additional Steps
  1. Fix Registry Errors
  2. Download and Use Rand McNally Dock Repair Tool
  3. Get Rid of any Virus Infection
  4. Free Up Your System’s Memory
  5. Fix Hardware Issues

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